Will you continue wearing face masks after July 19?

It's a biq question, isn't it?

In England, the legal requirement to wear a face covering in enclosed public spaces ends on July 19. Government guidance says it "expects and recommends" the continued wearing of masks in crowded areas such as public transport.

Shopping, Transport and Companies

Lots of large stores, supermarkets and transport will continue to recommend the wearing of face masks but after July 19 it is no longer compulsory which means businesses can set their own rules.

Companies will also have the discretion to make their own choices. Which means they may be able to refuse entry to people not wearing a mask if their rules insist that visitors, employees to the company do. Those exempt from wearing masks are expected to continue to be free from having to wear them.

What are scientists and doctors saying?

The British Medical Association, which represents doctors is calling for the continued use of masks and England's chief medical officer Chris Whitty and chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance said they will continue to wear them.

Of course it will boil down to personal choice in a lot of cases.

We shall continue to recommend that our colleagues, family and friends wear medical grade FFP2 face masks or greater in enclosed spaces.

With Covid cases and hospitalisations continuing to rise it seems that Covid-19 does not yet know July 19 and the British Summer is upon us.

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