Upgraded Masks Reduce Infection Risk

In a recent BBC article it was announced that 'the quality of face masks healthcare workers wear makes a huge difference to their risk of coronavirus infection'.

Following research by Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust they discovered that wearing a high grade mask, typically FFP3 face masks, can provide up to 100% protection against Covid.

By contrast, it is much more likely healthcare staff wearing standard issue surgical masks risk catching the virus.

FFP3 face masks, if fitted and worn correctly, have a closer fit and are specifically designed to filter out aerosols.

Since inception, we have been very firm in our belief that everybody, regardless of their 'job', 'position'  or 'social standing' should be wearing medical grade face masks rather than face cloths or coverings.

And this isn't just because as a company we sell medical face masks.

We have been championing the cause for family members, friends and colleagues, where they can be persuaded, to wear medical grade face masks, right from the very beginning of the Covid outbreak in the UK.

And it appears that Professional bodies have long campaigned for healthcare staff to be given better personal protective equipment too, if the article from the BBC is accurate.

And whilst we appear to be nearing an end to when face masks and personal protection are required, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is among 17 across the UK who have decided to upgrade PPE, regardless of national policy.

And that has been our position all along, isn't it better to protect colleagues, family and loved ones as best we can, regardless of national policy?

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